About counselling


Sometimes it seems like the right time to explore your life.  This could be because you have simply lost your way, or because you are experiencing emotional, psychological, or life difficulties. You might have a sense of being stuck with a problem, which either does not go away, or it does, only to re-surface later in another form.

The counselling room is a safe and private space for you to reflect and explore the problems which are of concern, with someone you can trust, who is not one of the family, or a friend either.  I will listen to you closely and non-judgmentally, and from this I can try and help you understand how your particular difficulties have come about, and we can consider possibilities for meaningful change in your life. I will be with you to help make sense of your world, feel for the unique struggling human being within, and support you in your endeavour to live your life more fully and authentically.

The style of counselling I use is termed ‘Integrative’ and I draw upon a range of theories to better fit the person sitting with me. I sometimes use more creative processes if the client is agreeable to this way of working.

I will help you be yourself, and connect with that which is more than the self.

Counselling can really help.

As a woman with life experience, I understand how difficult it can be. I try to live my life fully and consciously, and help others to do so too.

I am a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor, and as a registered member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, am required to work to a high standard of proficiency and ethical practice. The B.A.C.P. is a professional body who regulate the work of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

I work with adults, young adults and older adults. I can be of particular service to those experiencing anxiety, and also those coping with issues such as:

      • Depression/ sadness
      • Panic attacks/anxious thoughts
      • Relationships
      • Climate anxiety/grief
      • Sexual/emotional and physical abuse
      • Anger
      • Identity development
      • Low self esteem/ confidence
      • Trauma
      • Feeling overwhelmed/ non-coping
      • Sexuality
      • Women’s issues
      • Bereavement
      • Spirituality
      • Self harm/ suicidal thoughts
      • Lack of purpose/ direction
      • General malaise

To commence, we would meet for an initial session and discuss what you would like to get out of counselling, then take it from there. Click here for my contact details.

Sessions are weekly, fifty minutes in duration, and cost £70