Counselling sessions

Counselling sessions

Counselling sessions can be booked to suit the client’s needs. For instance:  shorter term to focus on a specific issue causing mild discomfort; or longer term to deal with issues causing extreme distress.  The duration can be reviewed over the course of the counselling, and can be altered according to the changing needs of the client.

In the first session I would ask about your personal history, what has brought you to counselling at this point in your life, and any outcomes you would like from counselling.

We would make an agreement for the work together.

This is also an opportunity to get a sense of each other and the likelihood of a good working partnership.  If there is a lack of compatibility, neither party is under any obligation to continue with the counselling.

The following sessions are what is termed ‘client led’ when the client brings what they wish to the counselling room to be examined and discussed. These sessions are facilitated and helped by the counsellor.

As the counselling work continues we may have reviews in order to map progress, and consider the focus of our work for forthcoming sessions.

When the counselling is coming to an end we would agree a number of ‘winding up’ sessions to evaluate how the work can continue to be useful in the future, and look at strategies for the client’s self management and care.